Online Banking

Welcome to Ponce De Leon Online Banking

Online Banking Offers:

  • Viewing your accounts balances.
  • Examining your accounts histories.
  • Transferring funds among your accounts.
  • Viewing your accounts statements.
  • Requesting stop payments.
  • Downloading your accounts information to your financial software programs,
  • Paying your bills

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Instructions for Online Banking

Once you enroll we will send you an Access ID and Password, which you use to set up yourself for Online Banking. Once you are set up, you can start using Online Banking.

The following information is required

  1. Please complete the First Time User Information Form, providing the information for the labeled required fields.
    • Enter your Social Security Number (nine digits, no dashes). Businesses should enter their Employer Identification Number.
    • Enter your account number (ten digits) exactly as it appears on your statement.
    • E-Mail address should be the address where you want us to send your bank related messages.
    • Type a Security Question for "example" (what is your mothers’ maiden name).
    • In response to the above question enter the answer.
  2. Submit the form.
    • If an error message is returned, click on the Back button under the message to return to the form. Check the information you entered and make the required corrections, then re-submit.
    • If you need assistance, print or write down the specific wording of the error and call us at 718-931-9000 during business hours.
  3. You should receive your online access codes within five business days, through the mail.
  4. You will receive your password separately two days after you receive your Access ID
  5. After you received your Password and Access ID log in using the Access ID and Password we sent you, the system will prompt you to change your Password. You should also change your Access ID.
    • Password must be five to sixteen characters of any combination of letters and numbers. It must have at least one alpha and one numeric character.
    • The Access ID must be at least seven characters of any combination of letters, numbers or special characters.
    • Your ID and Password are case sensitive. You have to input them in the same case that you recorded them. It is important that you remember the case you use to be able to login in the future.
    • Submit the Access ID and Password changes. A list of your account should now appear on the screen.
  6. Now you are set for Online Banking with Ponce De Leon Federal Bank.

View our Demo for Online Bill Pay